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Our top scientific institutions, the U.S. military, NASA, NOAA, leading companies in the oil industry (including Shell and British Petroleum), and nearly all credible experts say pollution is causing our planet to get warmer. Still, false information designed to discredit climate science is actively promoted by organizations with ties to fossil fuels, and many leaders in Congress are also spreading disinformation for political reasons. While fossil fuel companies are generating enormous profits, we ultimately will bear the costs associated with extreme weather and rising sea levels. Representatives for Utah in the United States Congress have an important role in supporting efforts to solve the issue. We've researched every district and made it easy for you to lookup your representatives' positions on climate. Enter an address in the form below to find your House representative.

Find Your Voter District and Congress Representatives' Positions on Climate

There are 435 representatives in the U.S. House and 100 in the Senate. Enter an address to find your district's representatives and their positions on climate.
United States Senate Representatives or Utah
Updated February 2, 2018
Mike Lee, senator for Utah, misrepresents the climate change problem using the classic denial utterance about how the climate is always changing. He supported Trump's decision to exit the Paris agreement on climate. Orrin Hatch is Utah's other senator. He also discredits climate science and proposes non-scientific claims about climate change. Neither of these senators for Utah support efforts to address the issue.

United States House of Representatives, Utah
District 1: Rob Bishop represents Utah with by promoting false conspiracy theories aimed at discrediting climate scientists. He is against efforts to solve climate change.
District 2: Chris Stewart represents district 2 having voted nearly entirely against the environment throughout his career. He is against efforts to address climate change, and falsely says the science is not clear on climate change. Several challenging candidates are lining up for this race in 2018.
District 3: John Curtis represents district 3 in Utah. The newly elected representatives does not say much about climate change. Know his position? Please send us information on it.
District 4: Mia Love represents Utah's 4th district. To some extent, she acknowledges the issue of climate change and promotes herself as being in favor of finding solutions. However, she has voted against measures in Congress to address climate change. Most notably, she voted to end the Clean Power Plan, meaning she voted in favor of limiting the EPA's ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. Most serious supporters of efforts to address climate change would consider Mia Love an opponent based on these votes. Several candidates are lining up for the race for this seat in 2018.

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