Dedicated to Removing Climate Denial and Disinformation From the U.S. Political System

About Us

We support science and we understand that climate change is a real and serious issue that can be solved by developing renewable energy technologies.

We value the earth, natural spaces, and we support preserving the natural environment for ourselves and for future generations. We do not think that makes us idealistic, liberal, or leftist. We think the world’s natural environments benefit everyone and should be able to be enjoyed by everyone.

We think we have the opportunity to make things better, live better, and leave a better world for the future. To us, these are not hard choices or inconveniences. We think efficiency and conservation are common sense principles that are applicable everywhere and should continue to be appliedĀ and advocated for as our society advances.

Earth Forums has been online since the year 2000. We had to disable the forums for some time due to heavy spam abuse, but we’re back, and glad to be back just in time for Earth Day 2016.

Please help by sending in information about your candidates and their positions on climate change.