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Earth Forums is a place for you to document your thoughts and ideas on environmental topics and share them with others.  We offer this service for free.

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We encourage you to post your thoughts and ideas on environment-related topics. Please keep topics related to the environment and efficient living. Commercial promotions or non-environmental topics may be rejected from the forums and blogs.

About Us

We value natural spaces, and we support preserving them for ourselves and for future generations. We do not think that makes us idealistic, liberal, or leftist. We think the world’s natural environments benefit everyone and should be able to be enjoyed by everyone. Our values differ from those of a few people because we value natural environments as they are in their natural state, so we stand for preservation. If that puts us at odds with competing interests who seek to develop or monetize these resources, it is not due to our political leanings. We are selfish too. We are standing to protect these places because we value these environments and they are in limited and diminishing supply. It is the economics of supply and demand that places us at odds with others, and the competition for these interests gets politicized because we value these resources for reasons other than profit.

We support science and efforts to develop technology that can improve efficiency and reduce waste. We believe that global warming is a real and serious issue that can be solved by developing renewable energy technology, and we think that attempts to dissuade or dismiss efforts to develop better energy solutions are fueled by ignorance, laziness, selfishness, greediness, and at worst, an intentional effort to foster ignorance in order to continue to deceive and maintain status quo.

We think we have the opportunity to make things better, live better, and leave a better world for the future. To us, these are not hard choices or inconveniences. We think efficiency and conservation are common sense principles that are applicable everywhere and should continue to be applied and advocated for as our society advances.

We all make small differences, and individual and local efforts towards progress are what Earth Forums is all about. Earth Forums is a place where you can say what’s on your mind, so long as it has to do with efficient living or advancing ideas that encourage efficiency and preservation.

Earth Forums has been online since the year 2000. We had to disable the forums for some time due to heavy spam abuse, but we’re back, and glad to be back just in time for Earth Day 2016. Upon registration, you can blog directly from your profile and post topics in the forums. Please post, share what you post, and tell the world what you think.