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Our top scientific institutions, the U.S. military, NASA, NOAA, leading companies in the oil industry (including Shell and British Petroleum), Stephen Hawking, and nearly all credible scientists say pollution is causing our planet to get warmer. Despite the consensus among credible organizations and the already observable effects of climate change, a large portion of the population believes climate change is a 'hoax' or a 'liberal conspiracy'. False information designed to discredit climate science is actively promoted by organizations with ties to fossil fuels, and it is unacceptable that some leaders in Congress are facilitating the spread of ignorance for political reasons.

Representatives for Rhode Island in the United States Congress have an important role in supporting efforts to solve climate change. Let's see where your representatives in Congress stand on this issue.

Find Your Voter District and Congress Representatives' Positions on Climate

There are 435 representatives in the U.S. House and 100 in the Senate. Enter an address to find your district's representatives and their positions on climate.
United States Senate
Updated February 3, 2018
Rhode Island is represented in the U.S. Senate by Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse. Both are supporters of efforts to address climate change. Sheldon Whitehouse is a loud, outspoken critic of the fossil fuel industry's attack on climate science and what the dismissal of the climate change issue means for Rhode Island. Jack Reed is also on point on climate change.
We are already shouldering the costs of climate change as Americans, and these costs are increasing. Climate change is driving severe drought and wildfires in the West, larger and more frequent floods in the Midwest, and sea level rise and greater storm damage along our coasts. Vulnerable populations, like children with asthma and the elderly, are suffering from higher levels of smog in our cities and longer and more severe heat waves. Farmers and ranchers are struggling with crop and livestock losses from drought. Increasingly, acidic oceans are harming shellfish populations and threatening fisheries. Communities are struggling to pay for infrastructure damaged by fires, more extreme storms, and coastal erosion.

In the face of this evidence, as my colleagues have all pointed out, there is a systematic and organized effort to discredit, dismiss it, ignore it, but Americans are sensing dramatically the effects in their own lives, and they understand this. - Jack Reed
U.S. House of Representatives
District 1: David Cicilline represents district 1 in Rhode Island. He is a supporter of efforts to address climate change, and criticized Trump's weak decision to exit the Paris agreement on climate.
District 2: James Langevin represents district 2. He supports efforts to battle climate change and is a leader on the issue in Congress.

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