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Our top scientific institutions, including the U.S. military, NASA, and NOAA all say pollution is causing our planet to get warmer. Still, false information designed to discredit climate science is actively promoted by organizations with ties to coal and oil. Many leaders in Congress are also spreading disinformation about the climate. While fossil fuel companies are generating enormous profits, we ultimately will bear the costs associated with extreme weather and rising sea levels. Representatives for Kansas in the United States Congress have an important role in supporting efforts to solve the issue. Find your representatives and their positions on climate by using the form below.

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Updated July, 2019


Senator Jerry Moran won reelection in 2016. He is against regulations designed to reduce greenhouse gases to curb global warming and climate change. He considers such measures to be part of a war on coal. Pat Roberts is the other senator in Kansas, who also is against efforts to solve climate change. Pat Roberts uses denial strategies such as turning the issue into a political blame game.
There's no question there's some global warming, but I'm not sure what it means. A lot of this is condescending elitism. - Pat Roberts
U.S. House of Representatives

Kansas 1: Roger Marshall won the district with a stance against addressing climate change. He supports Trump's decision to leave the global Paris agreement on climate change.
It seems like every other week I see something new causing cancer and finding out later that it’s not true, so I've learned that you can never focus on just one study. Roger Marshall, on Climate Change
Kansas 2: Representing Kansas 2 in Congress is Steve Watkins. Steve Watkins won the election to replace Lynn Jenkins, who made President Obama's list of climate change deniers who were blocking progress in Congress the issue. Steve Watkins, like his predecessor, is against efforts to address the issue in Congress. He does accept that climate change is happening, but says he favors allowing the free-market to solve the problem. He is against efforts in congress to address climate change.
When it comes to energy,...I believe markets, fueled by the consumer, should decide how to use the energy and what is the most efficient and cost-effective energy source. - Steve Watkins
Kansas 3: Sharice Davids won this seat in 2018, defeating Kevin Yoder, who previously represented this district with a position against efforts to address climate change. Sharice Davids holds more favorable views towards addressing the issue.
Climate change is real. Consequences are imminent. Action is needed. The future of our planet is not a partisan issue. - Sharice Davids
Kansas 4: Ron Estes won this seat that was formerly occupied by Mike Pompeo. Ron Estes has been vocally supportive of Trump's decision to kill efforts to solve climate change. James Thompson challenged for the seat in 2018 with a more favorable view on addressing climate change, but lost.

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