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Our top scientific institutions, the U.S. military, NASA, NOAA, and nearly all credible experts say pollution is causing our planet to get warmer. Still, false information designed to discredit climate science is actively promoted by organizations with ties to fossil fuels. Many leaders in Congress are also spreading disinformation and confusion about the climate. While fossil fuel companies are generating enormous profits, we ultimately will bear the costs associated with extreme weather and rising sea levels. Representatives for Idaho in the United States Congress have an important role in supporting efforts to solve the issue. We've researched every district and made it easy for you to lookup your representatives' positions on climate. Enter an address in the form below to find your House representative.

Find Your Voter District and Congress Representatives' Positions on Climate

There are 435 representatives in the U.S. House and 100 in the Senate. Enter an address to find your district's representatives and their positions on climate.
Updated January 27, 2018


Mike Crapo adamantly fights regulations on greenhouse gas emissions and promotes the false Republican mantra that there is no conclusive evidence that climate change is caused by man. He is more than willing to bet his opinion against the opinions of climatologists, and actively pursues an agenda against curbing climate change. Idaho's other senator, James E. Risch, is also a noted climate change denier.
While there is no dispute over the fact that the Earth's climate has changed many times over the planet's history, the underlying cause of these climactic shifts is ultimately not well-understood and is a matter of vigorous debate. - Mike Crapo
House of Representatives

Idaho 1: Raul Labrador is representing Idaho 1 as a denier of climate change. Asked to comment on climate change and global warming, he said "As a policymaker, I won't be guided by the global warming propaganda machine. Al Gore - we need you to return your Nobel Peace Prize!"
Idaho 2: Mike Simpson represents Idaho 2 as a climate change skeptic, but he is at least willing to acknowledge that humans may be causing climate change, which puts him in a category of Republicans that are willing to take the first step towards solving a problem: acknowledging that it exists. His voting record is extremely poor on the issue.

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