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Our top scientific institutions, including the U.S. military, NASA, and NOAA all say pollution is causing our planet to get warmer. Still, false information designed to discredit climate science is actively promoted by organizations with ties to coal and oil. Many leaders in Congress are also spreading disinformation about the climate. While fossil fuel companies are generating enormous profits, we ultimately will bear the costs associated with extreme weather and rising sea levels. Representatives for California in the United States Congress have an important role in supporting efforts to solve the issue. Find your representatives and their positions on climate by using the form below.

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United States Senate
Alex Padilla and Dianne Feinstein represent California as senators - both are in favor of addressing climate change.

United States House of Representatives

California, as a progressive state, sends quite a few representatives to congress who are unwilling to move forward and address climate change.

District 1: Doug LaMalfa represents California's first district. He has stood against efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions and solve climate change.
"It's bad science. It's Al Gore. It's a naturally occurring cycle. You should look at the numbers." - Doug LaMalfa California District 1
District 2: Jared Huffman represents district 2; he is an advocate for climate change solutions in Congress.
District 3: John Garamendi represents district three with a positive stance towards addressing climate change.
District 4: Tom McClintock, who represents this area to the east and south of Sacramento that includes Lake Tahoe, has said the debate is not over on climate change. Tom McClintock was on the BarackObama.com list of members in Congress who had been standing against regulations to address the causes of climate change. Brynne Kennedy recently challenged for the seat in 2020 as a supporter of efforts to address climate.
We're all told of course the debate is over and that all the scientists agree... and as all of you know, that is succinctly not the case. - Tom McClintock
From the Arctic to the Amazon, it's clear that climate change is here. That is not only the consensus of top scientists, it is the conclusion of our country's national security experts. It means longer wildfire seasons and more severe floods, droughts, hurricanes and more. It's already imposing higher costs on taxpayers in the form of disaster response..." -Brynne Kennedy
District 5: Mike Thompson represents district 5 with a positive stance towards combatting climate change.
District 6: Representative Doris Matsui in district 6 is a long-time advocate for climate change solutions.
District 7: Ami Bera represents district 7 which includes the Sacramento area. Her campaign website says she understands climate change is real and supports efforts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.
District 8: Republican Jay Obernolte represents district 8. So far, we cannot find any indications of his positions on climate. Paul Cook was the previous Republican representative for district 8. He voted against efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Congress, saying "These regulations are another example of this lawless administration side-stepping Congress and over-regulating the American economy."
District 9: Jerry McNerney represents district 9 - he supports alternative energy and efforts to combat climate change in Congress.
District 10: Josh Harder won this seat, beating Jeff Denham in 2018. Josh Harder accepts climate science. The former representative, Jeff Denham, was on the BarackObama.com list of members in Congress who had been against regulations to address the causes of climate change, for saying things like, "We don't have complete factual information yet."
Some wouldn't view them as skeptics. Some would view them as the right side of the issue. We don't have complete factual information yet. From what I have seen the Earth has heated and cooled on its own for centuries. - Jeff Denham
District 11: Mark DeSaulnier is the incumbent, and he backs efforts to fight climate change in Congress.
District 12: Nancy Pelosi needs no introduction. She represents district 12 with climate change on her agenda.
District 13: Barbara Lee is supporting efforts on climate change in Congress as the representative for this district.
District 14: Jackie Speier represents district 14, urging action on climate change.
District 15: Eric Swalwell represents district 15 - he is a supporter of efforts to combat climate change.
District 16: Jim Costa represents this district saying he supports efforts on climate change. He has a somewhat mixed record on voting on the issue.
District 17: Ro Khanna is a supporter of efforts on the environment.
District 18: This San Francisco Bay Area district is represented by Anna Eshoo. Her website acknowledges that "Climate change is one of the most serious issues facing our nation and our planet. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the leading international body for the assessment of climate change, has stated with greater than 90 percent certainty that most of the observed increase in global temperatures since the mid-20th Century is due to increased concentrations of heat-trapping gases caused by human activities." She is a supporter of efforts to slow climate change in Congress.
District 19: District 19, which includes much of San Jose, is represented by Zoe Lofgren, and advocate for moving away from fossil fuels and a supporter of efforts on climate change.
District 20: Jimmy Panetta won this district in 2016 - he supports efforts to fight global warming/climate change in Congress.
District 21: David Valadao currently represents district 21. He acknowledges the conclusion that humans are causing climate change. TJ Cox previously represented District 21. This San Joaquin Valley district has switched representation several times between these two representatives. David Valadao previously did not support efforts to fight climate change in Congress. Democrat TJ Cox is a supporter of clean air and clean energy, and he favors efforts to combat climate change.
District 22: Devin Nunes represents district 22 by standing against regulatory action to address the causes of climate change. He's made claims suggesting that scientists have doubts on the causes of climate change.
However, scientists admit that they cannot be sure whether the Earth's temperature is rising due to cyclical warming and cooling processes, or whether and how much humans are influencing it. - Devin Nunes
District 23: Kevin McCarthy represents district 23 which includes the southern Sierra mountains and part of the Mojave desert. In the past, he's stood against efforts in Congress to combat climate change. Recently he's taken more action and has been behind proposals to do more to address the causes of the problem.
We need to have an open discussion about, what should the party look like 20 years from now, and we should be a little nervous. We have to do something different than we've done. - Kevin McCarthy, quoted speaking about Republicans and change, by the Washington Examiner
District 24: Salud Carbajal won in 2016 as a Democrat, and included leadership on climate change in his campaign. He has the endorsement of environmental groups.
District 25: Republican Mike Garcia is the current representative. He acknowledges the climate is changing, but we are unsure if he will support action to address its causes. Katie Hill previously had the seat, defeating Steve Knight. While not denying climate change is real, Steve Knight did not support federal efforts to fight the problem. He stated that efforts California put in place to fight greenhouse gas emissions "should not be replicated at the federal level." Katie Hill resigned the seat..
District 26: Julia Brownley represents district 26 - she's a supporter of efforts on climate change and has the endorsement on conservation groups.
District 27: Judy Chu represents the 27th district with a view that supports climate change efforts on a federal level and globally.
District 28: Adam Schiff represents district 28 by favoring efforts to fight climate change.
District 29: Tony Cardenas represents district 29 by supporting efforts on climate change in Congress.
District 30: Brad Sherman represents district 30 in the Western San Fernando Valley part of Los Angeles county with a view that supports Congressional efforts on climate change. Mark Reed has challenged and lost as a Republican. Mark Reed does not believe humans are causing climate change and his campaign website includes misinformation on the subject of climate change science.
District 31: Pete Aguilar represents this San Bernardino County district. He has the support of conservation groups and supports efforts to solve climate change.
District 32: Grace Napolitano represents this district in Los Angeles County with a view that favors efforts to solve climate change.
District 33: Ted Lieu represents this coastal Los Angeles County district as a proponent of efforts to solve climate change.
District 34: Jimmy Gomez represents the district by treating climate change as a threat and advocating for efforts to fight the problem.
District 35: Norma Torres represents district 35 by advocating for California to take leadership on the climate change issue.
District 36: Raul Ruiz represents district 36. He has the support of environment groups who call him a "clean energy champion".
District 37: Karen Bass represents district 37 in Los Angeles County with a stance favoring combatting climate change efforts.
District 38: Linda Sanchez represents district 38. She says she is concerned about climate change and that environmental problems disproportionately affect Latinos.
District 39: Republican Young Kim, who acknowledges that humans are causing climate change, defeated Gil Cisneros in 2020. Gil Cisneros previously represented district 39, which includes parts of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties. Gil is an advocate for solving climate change. It is not clear if Young Kim supports any action on climate.
District 40: Lucille Roybal-Allard represents this heavily Democratic district with fighting climate change as a stated issue in her campaign.
District 41: Mark Takano represents district 41 in western Riverside county - he accepts climate science and is an advocate for solutions.
District 42: Ken Calvert represents district 42. He has stood against efforts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.
District 43: Maxine Waters represents district 43 by advocating for climate change solutions. She has stood up to companies denying the facts on climate change by writing that "The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, but it does not protect companies from defrauding the American people or improperly disclosing information to their shareholders."
District 44: Nanette Barragan is a Democrat who advocates for climate solutions and has the endorsement of conservation groups.
District 45: Former representative Mimi Walters voted against the environment quite often, but was known as a moderate by Republican standards on climate change.  Katie Porter defeated Mimi Walters and now represents the district with a stance that favors efforts on climate.
District 46: Lou Correa represents the district. He says he supports climate efforts, but receives relatively low scores by conservation groups for his environmental voting record.
District 47: Alan Lowenthal is the representative for district 47, and he has supported the movement to solve climate change in Congress.
District 48: District 48, which includes Huntington Beach and surrounding areas in Orange County, is now represented by Michelle Steel, a Republican who is in favor of solutions to address the causes of climate change. Harley Rouda, who also favors efforts to solve climate change, previously represented the district. Before Rouda, the district was represented by Dana Rohrabacher. Dana Rohrabacher was known for perpetuating arguments against the conclusions of climate scientists.
I have always supported science-based, common-sense policies that protect our environment and the beautiful California coastline. In Congress, I will work towards climate solutions that promote innovation and diversification...We need leaders that understand the challenge at hand, but also have the foresight not to overburden small businesses with meaningless regulations. - Michelle Steel website
Too often, when congress is asked to pass environmental legislation, the legislation is based on emotional junk science rather than data based on reproducable, rigorous, tested, peer-reviewed results. In no area has this been more obvious than climate change. - Dana Rohrabacher
District 49: Mike Levin won this coastal San Diego County district, replacing the previous representative, Darrell Issa. Darrell Issa was included in the BarackObama.com list of members of Congress who had been standing against regulations to address the causes of climate change.
"the science community does not agree to the extent of the problem or the critical threshold of when this problem is truly catastrophic." - Darrell Issa, California district 49, on climate change
Mike Levin is a champion of efforts to solve climate.
District 50: Darrell Issa now represents district 50. He has shifted his statements on climate change somewhat, but is largely against regulations designed to offset climate change. He now acknowledges climate change and says he favors an "all-of-the-above approach to clean energy, including clean natural gas, which still provides the majority of California’s electricity." This district was previously represented by Duncan D. Hunter. The district includes much of the inland parts of San Diego County. Duncan D. Hunter is another California representative who achieved a spot on the BarackObama.com list of members of Congress who had been standing against regulations to address the causes of climate change.
"Thousands of people die every year of cold, so if we had global warming it would save lives ... We ought to look out for people. The earth can take care of itself." - Duncan D. Hunter
District 51: Juan Vargas represents district 51 with a position supporting efforts on climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Juan Hidalgo challenged recently and lost as a Republican, without stating he is breaking with his party's anti-science stance on climate change.
District 52: Scott Peters represents district 52, touting a record of fighting for climate change solutions.
District 53: Sara Jacobs represents district 53. She is a supporter of efforts to address climate change. Susan Davis previously represented district 53 as an advocate as well.
Climate change is one of the biggest threats faced by humanity, and we need to do far more to stop it. That’s why I support a Green New Deal. We need to transition to an entirely clean energy economy by 2030, starting with the most polluting sources of energy first. - Sara Jacobs

Disclaimer: The statements and comments about representatives positions are the opinion of the writer. We try to include accurate information and base the representative and candidate positions on a variety of reliable sources. Sources include reputable reporting on candidates' past statements, campaign websites, press coverage of campaigns and representatives, votes in Congress on issues, and party affiliation. If you feel we are missing something, let us know. Please contact us to suggest a correction or request an update. Individual representatives and districts are updated periodically, but may at times become outdated. These statements are opinions related to how the U.S. Congress is responding to a national security and public health issue, but should be treated as opinions.

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