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Our top scientific institutions, including the U.S. military, NASA, and NOAA all say pollution is causing our planet to get warmer. Still, false information designed to discredit climate science is actively promoted by organizations with ties to coal and oil. Many leaders in Congress are also spreading disinformation about the climate. While fossil fuel companies are generating enormous profits, we ultimately will bear the costs associated with extreme weather and rising sea levels. Representatives for Arkansas in the United States Congress have an important role in supporting efforts to solve the issue. Find your representatives and their positions on climate by using the form below.

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U.S. Senate - Updated January 25, 2018
Senator John Boozman of Arkansas was on Obama's list of climate change deniers. "Well I think that we've got perhaps climate change going on. The question is what's causing it. Is man causing it, or, you know, is this a cycle that happens throughout the years, throughout the ages". Tom Cotton, the other senator for Arkansas, has one of the worst environmental records in Congress. He does not necessarily deny that climate change is a reality, he just votes against any attempt to address the issue.
House of Representatives
Distric 1 representative Rick Crawford is another member of congress from Arkansas that was on President Obama's climate change denier list. He's another Republican non-scientist blocking progress and stating that there is not sound science on climate change. He was opposed by Mark West in 2016, another climate change denier.
In District 2, French Hill, an anti-environment Republican, represents Arkansas district 2 by voting against efforts to address climate change.
In District 3, Steve Womack is the anti-environment Republican incumbent, standing against any progress on addressing climate change.  He is running against Josh Mahony in the 2018 election. Josh Mahony does not list climate change as an issue.
In District 4, Bruce Westerman is the Republican incumbent representative who believes climate change is caused by humans, but is not willing to do anything about it. Hayden Shamel is challenging for the seat in 2018 with a positive stance towards addressing climate change.
Climate change is a threat that cannot be ignored. We must take bold steps to put Arkansas on the forefront of clean energy production, bringing new jobs to the people of this state. - Hayden Shamel

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