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Our top scientific institutions, including the U.S. military, NASA, and NOAA all say pollution is causing our planet to get warmer. Still, false information designed to discredit climate science is actively promoted by organizations with ties to coal and oil. Many leaders in Congress are also spreading disinformation about the climate. While fossil fuel companies are generating enormous profits, we ultimately will bear the costs associated with extreme weather and rising sea levels. Representatives for New York in the United States Congress have an important role in supporting efforts to solve the issue. Find your representatives and their positions on climate by using the form below.

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Updated March, 2019

United States Senate, NY Representatives

Senator Chuck Schumer represents NY with a stance favoring efforts to protect the environment and address climate change. Kirsten Gillibrand is New York's other senator. She also favors efforts on climate change.
Climate change is real. Sea levels are rising, and I've seen firsthand how violent weather has devastated communities in New York. - Kirsten Gillibrand
House of Representatives, New York

District 1: Lee Zeldin represents district 1 and is blocking progress in Congress on climate change and clean air. He has bought into false arguments that claim scientists are unclear about the causes of climate change.
District 2: Peter King represents district 2 in Long Island by clinging to ignorance on climate change science. He's said climate change was "more a religion than a science" and has said that people need to focus on the positive aspects of climate change. He is blocking progress in Congress on fighting climate change.
District 3: Tom Suozzi is won the seat in 2016 with fighting climate change listed on his agenda.
District 4: Kathleen Rice is the incumbent in New York's district 4. She has the support of conservation groups and backs efforts to combat climate change in Congress.
District 5: Gregory Meeks represents district 5 - he has voted to support climate change efforts in Congress, but he does not seem to take a leadership position on the subject.
District 6: Grace Meng represents district 6 with a view that favors efforts to combat climate change.
Recent disasters such as Hurricane Sandy have highlighted how vulnerable our coastline is to climate change. The only response to this crisis is to proactively reduce carbon emissions and invest in programs that promote energy efficiency. - Grace Meng Website
District 7: Nydia Velazquez represents this heavily Democratic district that includes parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Nydia Velazquez supports efforts to fight climate change in Congress and has the support of conservation groups due to her positive stance on environmental issues.
District 8: Hakeem Jeffries represents district 8, which includes parts of Brooklyn and Queens, with views favoring efforts to fight climate change.
"The earth is round, climate change is real" - Hakeem Jeffries on Twitter
District 9: Yvette D. Clarke represents district 9 in Brooklyn. She's a supporter of efforts on climate change.
"Pollution from power plants, particularly plants that burn coal, has terrible consequences for our health, contributing to asthma and other respiratory illnesses, and resulting in global climate change that has already increased the severity of storms and threatens to displace many people around the world as temperatures increase and the level of the ocean rises. Existing regulations under the Clean Air Act have – despite false claims from fossil fuel producers – dramatically improved the air quality we enjoy and have expanded our economy. Many older American remember a time when smog alerts were a regular occurrence in our cities – a problem with which young Americans are entirely (and fortunately) unfamiliar. Now, we have the opportunity, with the Clean Power Plan developed by the Environmental Protection Agency, to continue that effort to protect the health of Americans, create jobs, and reduce our contributions to global climate change." - Yvette D. Clarke Statement in Support of Clean Power Plan Legislation
District 10: Jerry Nadler represents district 10 with strong support of efforts to battle climate change in Congress.
District 11: Max Rose won this seat in 2018, which includes Staten Island and parts of southern Brooklyn, defeating Dan Donovan. Dan Donavan had blocked efforts in congress to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Despite being urged and challenged on these positions, his office has stated he opposed measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Max Rose accepts the conclusions of climate scientists and favors efforts to fight climate change.
"To anyone who denies the reality of climate change, Max urges them to come and visit Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, where you can still see some of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy’s wrath." - Max Rose official website, New York District 11
District 12: Carolyn Maloney represents district 12 in New York City with a view that favors efforts to fight climate change. Carolyn Maloney has challenged Republicans for blocking progress on climate change by pointing out that they are ignoring the long term costs that will be incurred because of its effects.
District 13: Adriano Espaillat won this seat in part by standing with efforts towards energy efficiency and fighting climate change
This weekend in Paris, the world took a step forward together to combat climate change. Increasing greenhouse gas emissions pose a serious risk to our planet, and while we have worked In New York to strengthen our infrastructure, protect our coastlines, and reduce emissions, global action is key to preventing the worst effects of climate change. I want to commend President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and the 195 nations who are party to this monumental agreement. - Adriano Espaillat
District 14: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represents district 14, which includes the eastern Bronx and parts of New York City. She has strong views favoring efforts to fight climate change.
District 15: Representative Jose Serrano represents this Democratic district in The Bronx. Jose Serrano supports efforts in Congress to fight climate change. He recognizes climate science as real and has backed efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
District 16: Eliot Engel represents district 16. He is an active supporter of efforts to fight climate change.
"The science is undeniable and it is time for us to act. Unfortunately we have seen Congress duck this issue time and time again, even going so far as to deny the basic science behind the climate change." - Eliot Engel, Representative for New York District 16
District 17: Nita Lowey represents district 17. She is a supporter of efforts in Congress to combat climate change, had backed efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions, and lists clean energy to mitigate climate change as an issue in her campaign documents.
District 18: Sean Patrick Maloney represents district 18 and he supports efforts to address climate change. He has a favorable rating among conservation groups for supporting legislation designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
District 19: Antonio Delgado defeated John Faso, a Republican who took meager action on climate. Antonio Delgado has indicated he favors action on solving climate change.
District 20: Paul Tonko represents district 20 with views favoring alternative energy and reducing carbon emissions. He co-chairs the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition, supported Obama's efforts on climate change, and has called for Congress to back further legislation to reduce the pollution that is causing global warming.
District 21: Elise Stefanik, representative for NY district 1, has joined with the very few Republicans who accept that climate change is real and say they are for protecting the environment. We would be happy to report she supports efforts in Congress to reduce carbon emissions, but she voted against measures the President proposed to regulate the greenhouse gas emission that cause climate change. Her acknowledgement of the climate change problem is a welcome step forward for Republicans, but history shows that dirty air and dirty water cannot be cleaned up without government legislation, which Republicans stand firmly against. Elise Stefanik needs to show that she is different by taking action to reduce carbon emissions before we celebrate her position. This district in the Adirondacks understands the desire to protect the environment and it has its share of problems driven by pollution from the coal-powered power plants.
"All too often, the conversation about appropriate and balanced environmental stewardship gets caught up in partisan politics. Yet, this conversation is key to the preservation of our great country for generations to come, as important as ensuring we have fiscally responsible policies to secure our future,” said Congressman Gibson. “For that reason, I believe the most important first step forward is recognizing that this is also a fundamentally conservative issue, and finding common ground on how to address it." - Elise Stefanik
We won't get a 'second try' if we destroy our environment. Outside interests must never dictate the purity of our air, water, and land." – Mike Derrick, 2016 Candidate, District 21
District 22: Claudia Tenney held this seat until 2018 as a Republican who does not support efforts in Congress to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. She criticized former Rep. Richard Hanna for not voting along party lines to kill part of the Clean Power Plan advanced by Obama. Anthony Brindisi defeated her in 2018, and now holds the seat with views that favor taking action on climate change.
"Rep. Hanna has voted to advance Obama's job killing agenda by supporting these onerous regulations that will stifle businesses and dramatically drive up the cost of energy." - Claudia Tenney on Hanna's support for clean power
District 23: Tom Reed represents district 23. He has a terrible record on climate change votes in Congress. However, he has also signed on as a Republican acknowledging that climate change is real and proposing progress in the form of innovation. On the record, Tom Reed is against regulating greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change, and has blocked efforts in congress to regulate the pollution that is causing climate change.
District 24: John Katko, representative for district 24, has signed on to the Republican bill acknowledging climate change is real. He also says he supports regulating greenhouse gas emissions. However, his votes are not consistent with these statements, and he has opposed legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Congress. Unfortunately, we're still waiting to see John Katko support real progress on climate change in Congress. Colleen Deacon challenged for this seat in 2016, she lost, although she was promising to support real action on climate change in Congress.
District 25: Joseph Morelle represents district 25 with a favorable stance on environment issues.
District 26: Brian Higgins represents district 26 by standing up to recent efforts to reduce the EPA's ability to fight climate change. He has favorable views on protecting our environmental resources.
District 27: Chris Collins is the incumbent in district 26. He acknowledges that climate change exists, but has blocked action in Congress by voting against efforts in Congress to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
President Obama's new climate rules will hit the average American where they can least afford it – the wallet. If this plan is allowed to be become law, there is no doubt many Americans will lose their jobs when power plants are forced to close and the cost of energy will increase from power bills to the price at the pump. In typical fashion, the Obama administration and its out-of-control EPA think the federal government knows best. The American people know otherwise. - Chris Collins, representative for district 27

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