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NASA and the nation's leading scientific organizations say we are causing climate change. In addition to the country's top scientific institutions, the U.S. military, leading companies in the oil industry (such as Shell and British Petroleum), physicist Stephen Hawking, and pretty much all credible scientists say pollution is causing the planet to get warmer. In addition, hundreds of other countries on this planet have reached the same conclusions about climate change. Despite the already observable effects of climate change and the overwhelming consensus among credible organizations that say climate change already happening, a shockingly large portion of the population believes climate change is a 'hoax' or a 'liberal conspiracy'. Much of this ignorance is propagated by organizations with ties to fossil fuels, and it is unacceptable that some leaders in Congress are facilitating this spread of misinformation for political reasons.

Representatives for New Jersey in the United States Congress have an important role in supporting efforts to solve climate change. Let's see where your representatives in Congress stand on this issue. You can enter a location to find your representative in the House.

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District 1: Donald Norcross represents New Jersey 1. He has the support of the Sierra Club and stands with efforts to fight climate change. Bob Patterson is challenging as a Republican in 2016. We could find nothing in his campaign or elsewhere indicating he breaks with his party's anti-science stance regarding climate change.
District 2: In New Jersey 2, Frank LoBiondo, has the endorsement of conservation groups for standing with efforts to fight climate change. David Cole is challenging as a Republican with enough character to break with the Republican party on climate change.
Insurance premiums are skyrocketing because there’s no reason to believe that these exceptionally destructive storms will stop occurring. Even the US Global Research Program’s Climate and Health Assessment verified that with its recent prediction that extreme weather incidents will intensify in severity in the coming decades. Yet, when Republicans in Congress are faced with all this mounting evidence, they deny it. I, on the other hand, understand the realities of climate change. - Post from David Cole, Republican
District 3: Tom MacArthur represents district 3 with an ignorant view on climate change and a voting record against efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. His website says he opposes an "Obama-style cap and trade plan" and favors fossil fuel production, saying he supports "focusing on expanded, environmentally safe, domestic production of oil and gas, including the Keystone XL Pipeline." Fred LaVergne is challenging for the seat in 2016 with fighting climate change on his agenda.
"Is it true that some scientists still deny climate change? Sure – they’re called 'petro-geologists' – but their motives are suspect." - Fred LaVergne campaign website
District 4: We love when we can report that there are Republicans in New Jersey with pro-science stances on climate change. Chris Smith is such a Republican, and has backed legislation designed to move forward on the climate change problem. Chris Smith represents district 4 in New Jersey and proves you can be Republican and have a mind and a backbone. Lorna Phillipson is challenging Smith in 2016 as a Democrat. She also lists fighting climate change as a priority on her website.
"Climate change is a global challenge that must be addressed with a global solution. The legislation I worked to have incorporated as Title II in the energy bill calls for an active, dedicated U.S. re-engagement in the effort to reach a global agreement on climate change." - Chris Smith
District 5: Scott Garrett won a climate denier recognition from the President. He represents district 5 with a view opposed to efforts to fight climate change. Whether or not he believes in climate change, he does not think the government should be involved in fighting this global problem. Josh Gottheimer is challenging in 2016 for this seat. Josh Gottheimer has the support of conservation groups and includes fighting climate change on his campaign issues.
"The real question that still exists in a lot of people's minds, experts and non-experts alike, on the area of global warming and what role the government should have in this realm. ... I've heard a number of experts on both sides of the equation on this issue and to me the evidence, the question is still out there." - Scott Garrett
District 6: Frank Pallone is an active supporter of climate change efforts, and has backed the global agreement in Paris and Obama's policies on energy. Frank Pallone includes fighting climate change as an official position in his office. Brent Sonnek-Schmelz is challenging as a Republican, but we are unable to find any evidence that he is breaking with his party's stance against fighting climate change.
District 7: Leonard Lance is representing district 6, and is disappointing when it comes to climate change. The Republican once supported climate change efforts, but has turned anti-science and has voted against climate change efforts in Congress. Peter Jacob is challenging for this seat in 2016 and he has put fighting climate change on his agenda in his campaign.
"The most important issue of our lifetime, perhaps the issue that my generation will have to answer is climate change." - Peter Jacob
District 8: Albio Sires represents district 8 with a position supporting efforts on climate change. He accepts the views of climate scientists. Agha Khan is challenging in 2016; his campaign issues do not include climate change, and he indicates he supports fossil fuels until America reaches zero emissions. His campaign website reads "As America moves towards zero emissions, we will bridge the gap with domestic fossil fuels."
District 9: Bill Pascrell represents district 9. He is a supporter of clean energy solutions and is on the record in support of efforts to fight climate change. Hector Castillo, Republican, is challenging for the seat in 2016. Castillo's website says he supports alternative energy, but he gives no indication he supports legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which cause climate change.
District 10: Donald Payne, Jr. represents district 10 with a stance supporting efforts to fight climate change and develop renewable energy. David Pinckney is challenging as a Republican, and we could find no evidence he is breaking with his party's stance against fighting climate change in Congress.
District 11: Rodney Frelinghuysen is the Republican representative for district 11. He says he believes humans cause climate change, sort of anyway. This puts him in a group with a very small percentage of Republicans. However, he is does not support efforts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. Joseph Wenzel is challenging in 2016 with a strong focus on solving climate change in his campaign.
"Do I believe in climate change? I do, yeah. With the weather patterns over the past five years. … What causes it? Quite honestly, I don’t know. … Humans have some effect on climate change. There’s so many factors." - Rodney Frelinghuysen, 2011
"I recall being a young college student over 20 years ago first learning about the prospects of climate change. Our professors told us that if the use of fossil fuels and other man-made chemicals were not curtailed if not eclipsed entirely we would face Arctic ice melt, rising sea levels, intensive storms, extreme droughts and crop failures. It amazes me that despite being armed with this knowledge, our leaders in Washington did little to nothing to address these concerns. All of this and more has come true in the past 20 years." - Joseph Wenzel, candidate in district 11 in New Jersey
District 12: Bonnie Watson Coleman has the support of conservation groups and is a supporter of efforts to solve climate change in Congress. Steven Uccio is challenging as a Republican in 2016. We could find no statement by Steven Uccio that indicates he breaks with his party's stance on climate change.

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