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Our top scientific institutions, including the U.S. military, NASA, and NOAA all say pollution is causing our planet to get warmer. Still, false information designed to discredit climate science is actively promoted by organizations with ties to coal and oil. Many leaders in Congress are also spreading disinformation about the climate. While fossil fuel companies are generating enormous profits, we ultimately will bear the costs associated with extreme weather and rising sea levels. Representatives for Nebraska in the United States Congress have an important role in supporting efforts to solve the issue. Find your representatives and their positions on climate by using the form below.

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Updated January 2019

Nebraska senator Deb Fischer denies the reality of the climate change issue. Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska also does not support efforts to solve climate change, and voted to cancel the clean power plan.
U.S. House of Representatives
District 1: Jeff Fortenberry says he supports development of alternative energy but consistently votes anti-environment. He has discussed climate change but has consistently voted against proposals designed to curb climate change.
District 1: Republican Don Bacon is on the House climate change caucus, which might give the impression he is on board with solving the issue. However, he supported Trump's decision to walk away from the Paris climate agreements, and denies the scientific conclusion that humans are causing climate change.
I don't think we know for certain how much of climate change is being caused by normal cyclical changes in weather vs. human causes. - Don Bacon
District 3: Adrian Smith represents district 3 with a position against regulating greenhouse gas emissions, and he repeats misinformed denial claims about climate change. He has stated that he does not believe in climate change, and has voted to cancel regulations designed to reduce pollution that causes climate change.

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