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NASA and the nation's leading scientific organizations say we are causing climate change. In addition to the country's top scientific institutions, the U.S. military, leading companies in the oil industry (such as Shell and British Petroleum), physicist Stephen Hawking, and pretty much all credible scientists say pollution is causing the planet to get warmer. In addition, hundreds of other countries on this planet have reached the same conclusions about climate change. Despite the already observable effects of climate change and the overwhelming consensus among credible organizations that say climate change already happening, a shockingly large portion of the population believes climate change is a 'hoax' or a 'liberal conspiracy'. Much of this ignorance is propagated by organizations with ties to fossil fuels, and it is unacceptable that some leaders in Congress are facilitating this spread of misinformation for political reasons.

Representatives for Iowa in the United States Congress have an important role in supporting efforts to solve climate change. Let's see where your representatives in Congress stand on this issue. You can enter a location to find your representative in the House.

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Joni Ernst is representing Iowa in the Senate with an ignorant stance on climate change, saying she just doesn't know, and is on the President's climate change deniers list. Chuck Grassley is the long standing incumbent up for reelection in 2016. He is very popular, but he does not accept the reality of climate change science. Chuck Grassley has adopted the argument that the climate has changed before naturally before, so it cannot be concluded that humans are causing climate change now. The problem with this argument is that scientists and climatologists predicted these changes years before it was observable, global warming is now observable and progressing, and scientists can associate the warming with higher CO2 levels in the atmosphere caused by humans burning of fossil fuels. Climate change can occur naturally, but it is flawed reasoning to suggest that because climate change occurred in the past, humans cannot be causing it now by burning fossil fuels. The opinions of Chuck Grassley and other climate change skeptics are being held in contrary to the opinions of real scientists who are committed to finding conclusions based on facts, science, and sound reasoning.

Patty Judge is challenging as a Democrat without a strong voice on climate change, along with candidate Rob Hogg, who is a supporter of efforts on climate change. Bob Kraus is a strong advocate for solutions, and Tom Fiegen is probably the most progressive advocate for efforts on climate change, advocating for replacing Iowa's coal infrastructure with renewable sources and investing in clean transportation.

Iowa House 2016
Iowa has four seats in the House up for election in 2016.

Iowa 1: Rod Blum is representing this district with a position against climate change solutions, and he denies climate change is caused by humans. Monica Vernon is running as a Democrat, with climate change as a key position in her campaign. Candidate Pat Murphy also accepts climate science.
I believe the science. I believe that climate change is real. I can’t believe there are only 97% of scientists that say that man is – I think it should be 100%. I'll just tell you right now, we have real issues with the climate change in this country. - Pat Murphy
Iowa 2: Incumbent Dave Loebsack says he's a supporter of progress on climate change, but has a mixed record on voting for progress on environment issues. Conservative Chris Peters is challenging for the seat as a Republican, and giving no indication he is not inline with his party's position on denying the reality of climate change.

Iowa 3: David Young is a representing this Iowa district with the classic Republican line that the science is unsettled. Of course, real scientists are settled on this issue. Desmund Adams is challenging for the seat with an pro-environment stance, as are Jim Mowrer and Mike Sherzan.

Iowa 4: Steve King is representing Iowa's district 4 with a completely ignorant on climate change, and has made the President's list of climate change deniers blocking progress in Congress. Steve King routinely utters statements that indicate a complete lack of understanding or appreciation of science, such as this little gem:
There are a couple of German engineers that took that theory apart and proved it wrong in a lab. I've read through that, but I'd have to go back to school for a half a year or a year to tell you I followed every bit of their rationale. But the presumption of the Greenhouse Effect is at least, from what I saw, was pretty convincingly rebutted." - Steve King
Kim Weaver is challenging Steve King as a Democrat in 2016.

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